Island Stories


I am a wearer of many hats.  Daughter, sister, cousin, friend, wife, artist, crafter, chemist, forensic scientist, physician, but above all else, Mom.  I am mom to two wonderful boys, who fuel my passion.  

My journey has shaped my life.  My designs hold memories.  They honor or celebrate something special, they have meaning to me and to those I love. I create to reminisce. To remember.  Share happiness.

As a child, I remember stringing leis from plumerias I would pick from our backyard tree.  I remember days on the beach, shivering in a thin beach towel and ending the day with a warm, salty musubi, the labor of my mom's love.  I remember celebrating long summer days, sharing a glorious bowl of shave ice and the biggest smiles with my children and their cousins.

In Hawaii, we are close knit.  We gather.  We celebrate. These designs are stories of my experience and joy.  The feelings of love, togetherness and childhood wonder is engrained and familiar to all of us.  Whether you grew up here, are a frequent visitor, or dream of sandy toes on our warm beaches, it would be my honor to share beauty and fascination of island life with you.  


zoomed in face of young boy in wetsuit smiling as he emerges from ocean water

 Maunalua Bay, Hawaii


young smiling boy making Shaka in front of Waikiki surfboard display

Waikiki, Hawaii



smiling little boy setting up sticks in the sand at Makapuu beach Hawaii

Makapuu, Hawaii 


boy making double Shaka underwater in the pool at Aulani Hawaii resort
Aulani Resort, Hawaii

laughing boy running away from crashing waves on the shoreline at north shore beach Hawaii

North Shore, Hawaii


smiling mom selfie with young sons at the beach in Hawaii
Kailua Beach, Hawaii
smiling momtrepenuer wearing magenta musubi apron in the kitchen holding a homemade musubi